Mission & Statement of Purpose

Inspire… Instill… Strengthen!

Temple Chaverim Religious School seeks to INSPIRE our community of students and their families to enjoy learning, seek knowledge and embrace Judaism with joy, enthusiasm and pride.

We INSTILL strong Jewish values through the study of wisdom, history, and the rituals of Judaism. Families are encouraged to observe Jewish rituals at home as well as actively participate in those at temple.

Our goal is to STRENGTHEN our students’ relationships to the Jewish people, the state of Israel and our future as a culture, religion and race.

Goals of Reform Jewish Education

Temple Chaverim is an affiliate of the Union of Reform Judaism. We value Jewish texts as guides for living a meaningful life. The goals set forth by the Reform Movement for Jewish Education serve to inform our work as we seek to foster deepening of the Jewish experience and knowledge “in order to strengthen faith in God, love of Torah, and identification with the Jewish people.”

Linked to these goals, the programs of our Religious School inspire our community to embrace Judaism with joy and excitement, and to find a relevancy for our lives.

Temple Chaverim encourages:

  • The strengthening of Jewish identity and connection to the Jewish people.
  • The connection to the covenant between God and the Jewish people through the study of Torah, interpreted in light of historic developments.
  • The establishment of a special relationship with the state of Israel, the land and the people.
  • The cherishing of Hebrew, the language of the Jewish people.
  • The practice of t’fillah (“prayer”).
  • The furthering of the causes of justice, freedom, peace, Tzedakkah and tikkun olam (“repairing the world”) and ethical living.
  • The celebration of Shabbat, the festivals, holidays and Jewish ceremonies that mark significant occasions in Jewish life.
  • The understanding of Reform Judaism, what it stands for and what makes it different.
  • The development of a sense of kinship with Klal Yisrael (“the Jewish people”).
  • The active participation in the life of our synagogue.