K, 1st & 2nd Grades

  • Begin to learn and recognize letters of the Hebrew alphabet, known as the Alef-Bet.
  • Celebrate Jewish holidays and Shabbat.
  • Learn about mitzvot (“good deeds”) which make our world a better place.
  • Appreciate the temple as a place to pray, study and celebrate.
  • Music & Prayer

3rd and 4th Grade-STARTING FALL 2022 

  • Chadash is our “new” learning experience for 3rd and 4th grade students of Jewish exploration that is interactive and community-driven.
  • Our goal through Chadash is to provide all of our students with meaningful Jewish learning that will help them create a strong foundation upon which they will build their futures as Jewish adults.  
  • Chadash will focus on each student’s individualized growth with small group Hebrew learning explore Judaism through different avenues of learning, like the arts and STEM. 

5th Grade

  • Study opening prayers and blessings for the Shabbat morning services as well as home celebrations.
  • Recognize how the Jewish people and Judaism adapt in response to changing circumstances. Know the story of the Jewish people from life in ancient Israel through the 1880’s.
  • Understand how lifecycle events connect us to God, our traditions and Jewish history.
  • Be comfortable with the temple as a place to pray, study and celebrate.
  • Music & Prayer

6th Grade

  • Learn to chant Shabbat morning prayers, select Friday night prayers and blessings before and after Torah and Haftorah portions.
  • Explain how key events of the 20th century – the Holocaust in Europe, the immigration of the Jewish people to the U.S. and the foundation of the State of Israel – shaped the contemporary Jewish experience.
  • Take pride in the heritage of our people through stories of courage, creativity and leadership.
  • Come to the temple as a place to pray, study and celebrate.
  • Music & Prayer

7th Grade

  • Perfect the Torah service and concluding prayers.
  • Examine how the values expressed in Eilu Devarim (“the commandments”) prepare us for the transitions ahead.
  • Know that lessons learned from the Holocaust help us to act ethically.
  • Understand the role Judaism plays in our life and what it will be in the future.