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August 14, 2021, 12:00 am

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On Saturday, August 14th,Temple Chaverim will be participating in MIDNIGHT RUN
Q: What is Midnight Run?  
A: Midnight Run is a non-profit that helps connect organizations (such as ours) to the homeless on the streets of New York.  Each night there are “runs” into New York City where homeless people meet at a designated spot to receive clothing, food, and supplies that each organization has collected and assembled, just for them.  The goal is to do hands-on delivery with a human element to the most vulnerable population on the streets. 
Q:  What happens on a Midnight Run?  
A:  A caravan of cars goes into the city carrying the items we collected and deliver to 3-5 designated spots throughout New York City.  The first stop usually occurs between 9-10pm and the last stop usually happens before Midnight.  The GOAL of a Midnight Run is to connect with people – to stop and talk to them and treat them with compassion and dignity while also serving many of their physical needs (clothing, personal supplies, food).  
Q: Where do we get supplies for Midnight Run? 
A:  During the month of July, we are asking for donations from YOU, to be dropped off at Temple Chaverim.  We need the following:  
  • Summer/Fall Men’s clothing and shoes (must be in good condition)
  • Socks and Underwear (must be newly purchased)
  • Women’s sanitary items
  • Toiletries:   Toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, deodorant
  • Any monetary donations, specifically earmarked for Midnight Run, will be used to purchase items needed to make sandwiches, soup and coffee/tea (which will be brought with us), or as a way to supplement any of the above items that will need to be purchased.
Q:  What happens on the day of the Midnight Run? 
A:  Volunteers will meet at the synagogue at 5pm to begin sorting clothing and supplies.  Volunteers will also begin making the food and beverages that will be brought into the city.  At around 8pm we will load up the cars that will be going into the city with all supplies and food.  At the end of our night, we will meet back at the synagogue to unload and clean up before heading home. 
Q:  How can I be involved? 
A:  There are several ways you can be involved.  You don’t have to be someone who goes into the city that night, in order to make a difference for our Temple Chaverim Midnight Run.
Here are some ways you can help: 
1.   Donate clothing (men’s seasonal), toiletries supplies, or money before August 14th!  We need everyone’s help!!!  Please drop them off at Temple Chaverim in the Religious School Wing.
2.  Be a volunteer at the synagogue that evening – many hands go into the behind-the-scenes work of getting organized for the run.  Volunteering at the synagogue can be a FAMILY event. 
3.   Offer to be a “driver” that night into the city, with your SUV or Mini-Van and let us know how many people you can accommodate beside yourself.  The route is marked out ahead of time. 
4.   Volunteer to be part of the team that goes into the city on Midnight Run, even if you cannot drive.  We are looking for 12-15 volunteers including those who do drive.
Q: Is it safe to do a Midnight Run? 
A:  Yes – we are traveling in a group at all times.  The population we meet on the street are usually incredibly kind and often very grateful for what we have to offer them.  We are also going with experienced leaders – both Rabbi Zeller and Rhonda Green, who are leading this effort, have been on Runs before and know what to expect.  
Q:  Is this event for the whole family? 
A:  Midnight Run advises that anyone over 16 years old can participate in the run, due to the nature of this event.  However, the whole family can participate in donating and/or volunteering at the Temple that night, before the Run into the City.  
Please contact Rhonda Green at kov64@hotmail.com 
or Rabbi Zeller at rabbi@templechaverim.org 

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