Childcare Registration

We will charge $18 per child, per holiday, to your credit card on file in the office for each “no show” or reservation that is not canceled within 24 hours.

High Holy Day morning services run approximately 3 hours in length. Please take this into consideration when deciding upon whether or not your children will attend services with you. Although we encourage family participation in our Temple Chaverim congregational services, the sanctity and integrity of the services for all congregants must be respected.

All ushers and security personnel will be instructed to follow and enforce these rules and guidelines:

  • For the first day of Rosh Hashanah service and for Yom Kippur morning service, there will be supervised childcare offered at no charge* for children ages 3 – 2nd Grade. (Staff will not change diapers.) (*Provided your child attends each session for which s/he is registered or cancels within 24 hours of the childcare time slot. See information on tear-off below.)
  • The deadline for registration for registering for childcare is September 6th and there will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this deadline except for families who join our Temple after September 6th. No child will be allowed to enter the childcare area who has not pre-registered.
  • To cancel your reservation due to an emergency or illness, email Susan at:
  • There will be one adult supervisor per 10 children.
  • Only those children registered will be allowed in the childcare area. Only adults with the proper ID will be allowed to pick up a child from childcare. No other children, other than those registered 3 – 2nd Grade, will be permitted in the childcare area, regardless of their relationship to the registered child.
  • Parents MUST inform the childcare supervisor of their seating location so that they may be reached quickly in case of an emergency.
  • All children under the age of 13 must be accompanied in the building by an adult at all times. This includes sitting in the sanctuary during the services, as well as when having to leave the sanctuary for any reason. If a child under 13 leaves the sanctuary by her/himself, s/he will be escorted back by an usher or security personnel.
  • Parents should refrain from checking up on their children as it can be disruptive & create difficult situations. Our staff will gladly check on your child(ren) for you while you wait outside the Religious School wing.
  • Contact the main office at (516) 367-6100 with any questions or concerns.
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