Religious School Safety Plan

September, 2020

In response to the current health crisis, temporary modifications to our policies and procedures must be made with regards to our Religious School day so that we may continue to educate the children in our program safely and with intention.  As the basis for this plan, recommendations were taken from many sources, including our local Department of Health.  As things evolve, updates to this plan will be made when necessary and families will be notified of any changes via email.

A form accepting COVID-19 procedures must be signed acknowledging that only well children will be admitted into the building, along with our changes to drop off and pick up procedures.  Parents and children are required to wear masks whenever interacting with staff even when they are in their own car to help keep our Temple community safe and healthy.

To control the flow of individuals in the building, all Religious School students, their families and faculty will use the Religious School door (on the side of the building) to enter the building.  They will use the Main door (under the overhang) at dismissal time to exit.


Drop off

In order to limit exposure, entrance to the Temple will be limited to students, faculty and staff. 

Please drive to the rear of the building, drive around the traffic circle, and pull up to the Religious School door.  Please remain in your car and wear a face covering.  A Temple staff member will take your child’s temperature with a non-contact thermometer.  No child will be permitted to exit their vehicle if they have a temperature of 100.0 or above, have trouble breathing, a cough, and sore throat or look visibly ill. 

Students will then exit their vehicles and walk directly to their classrooms.



NO parent can enter the building or congregate in the Temple Lobby at dismissal.  Please wait on the carpool line.

Again, drive to the rear of the building, go around the traffic circle, and form a single line along the sidewalk.  The line begins at the main door to the Temple.  Once on the carpool line, shut off your engine, place your carpool number on your dashboard or in the passenger side window.  Children will be dismissed in an orderly manner by carpool number.

Parents are expected to participate in the dismissal program during the school year.  On the date assigned, please arrive 15 minutes before dismissal and sign in in the School office.  At dismissal time, help children find their car and help direct the flow of the traffic. 


Class Size and Social Distancing

Classes will be kept apart as best as possible.  Mixing of classes will be kept to a minimum.

There will be no more than 12 students in a class to promote social distancing and a good educational environment on the screen for our virtual students.  There will be marks on the floor or table to indicate where the tables are placed to insure that they are 6 feet apart.

Traffic flow patterns will be created to ease congestion in the hallways.


Face Coverings

Anyone who enters the building will wear a mask or face covering.  This includes Religious School students, their families, faculty, and Temple Staff.


Health Screening and Symptoms Management

Health and temperature screening of all students and staff will be done before the start of each session.

Anyone who is sick with anything (even a cold) should stay home.

Students feeling ill will be isolated from the other students and have parents contacted to pick them up.

Anyone who feels sick with anything will be sent home.


Hand Washing and Sanitizing

Students will be encouraged to wash or sanitize their hands throughout each session. There are many hand sanitizing stations throughout the building and bottles of hand sanitizer in every classroom and the School office.  Students will sanitize their hands before they join their class and periodically during the session.


Supplies and Textbooks

We will limit the sharing of textbooks and supplies.  Students are expected to come to Religious School with a notebook and 2 pens or pencils each session.  Teachers will provide a list of requested supplies on the first day of school.



There will be no shared snacks (ex. A challah for the class when they celebrate Shabbat.).  Students may bring a water bottle to class.


Sick Child Policy

If a child develops any illness (fever, a new cough, upset stomach, rash, chills) during the session, the child will be immediately removed from the classroom and parents will be contacted to pick up the child.  If a parent is not available, we will contact the individual listed on the religious School emergency card.  Children may not return to Religious School until 3 days after symptoms resolve without the need of any medication.


Positive Case of Coronavirus

Should a staff member or child in our school become positive with a case of coronavirus, we will contact the local health department and follow their guidance.  The school may be required to close for a short time as recommended by the health department (2-5 days).  If the Religious School closes, it well reopen with permission from the local health department.  All of our classes will then be offered remotely.

Anyone who has come in direct contact with someone who has tested positive should contact the local health department and their healthcare provider.  Parents will be notified in writing that a positive case has been in the school via email, and parents in the affected class will be called.



All trips have been postponed. When trips become safe we will add them back into our program. 


Parent Visitation

No parent visiting will be allowed for the start of the school year.

NO parent can enter the building or congregate in the Temple Lobby at dismissal.  Please wait on the carpool line.


Temple Chaverim may alter some visiting policies later in the school year if it is determined that visiting can be done in a safe manner.