Shabbat Worship Schedule at Temple Chaverim

shabbat Friday night Shabbat Services are held at 8:00pm, with some noted exceptions. The first Friday night of every month includes an added "early" service at 6pm as well as a "later" service at 8pm and includes birthday blessings for all children born during the month. Also, Friday night Shabbat Services during July and August are held at 7:30pm.

Saturday morning Shabbat Services are held (September through June) at 10:00am. Occasionally, when we have an additional 9:00am B'nei Mitzvah Service, we will have Shabbat Service at 10:30am. Please check our website calendar for these times.

On Saturday mornings (September through June) when we do not have a B'nei Mitzvah service, our clergy conducts a 9:30am Shabbat Service we call "Bagels and Brachot" which includes an abbreviated service, Torah study and refreshments.

We worship from the Mishkan Tefillah, the most current siddur (prayerbook) of the Union for Reform Judaism. It is a beautiful prayerbook, complete with inspirational readings, festival celebrations and all of the songs of our liturgy. Personal copies of the prayerbook are available for purchase for $54 each.

Special Shabbat Celebrations

Temple Chaverim Shabbat Celebrations

Celebrate your birthday with us! At our Shabbat Services held on the first Friday night each month at both 6pm (early service) and 8pm (later service), all members born in the current month are honored with a birthday blessing and a Temple Chaverim collectible Pin! The pin design changes every year, too!


Anniversary Shabbat - If you are celebrating a wedding anniversary that ends in "0" or "5", you'll receive a special aliyah under the Chuppah during our Anniversary Shabbat Service. Our Anniversary Shabbat Services are preceded by a delightful congregational Shabbat dinner experience, this year featuring international tastes of Shabbats around the world.